Tinnitus Music Therapy, Best Tinnitus Sound Generator / Terapia Neuromodulacji akustycznej

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Filmed in Retezat National Park(Romania) in July 2015. The name of the waterfall is Rausor.
Music is from Youtube Library and sounds from www.freesounds.org

One of the most powerful tinnitus therapy methods is to use the sounds of nature.

M any tinnitus sufferers, sleep better when they hear sounds of the ocean waves, waterfall, running river, or rain. Those people are now recognizing the benefits of nature sounds as part of their daily tinnitus treatment.

Na ture sounds are very useful in preventing the damage that chronic stress does to our bodies.
The ambient noise of the environment is soothing to the great majority of people.

For tinnitus sufferers, using a natural sound can allow them to relax enough to sleep.

For those people, nature sounds can provide the necessary brain distraction for them to sleep.

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Tinnitus Music Therapy, Best Tinnitus Sound Generator
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